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Building a Blockchain Platform using Hyperledger

In my last article, I mentioned that we picked Hyperledger as the choice for building our blockchain platform. Hyperledger is actually an umbrella project under which there are multiple projects that we will make use of. More description about the projects goes here: Hyperledger Fabric It is the core framework implementation for private and permissioned […]

Building a Blockchain Platform for Supply Chain

The Problem Nowadays, managing a supply chain is becoming much more complicated than before. A supply chain can have over hundreds of workflows, many suppliers or vendors involved, participants span over multi-geographical locations, cycles extend over months or even years, etc. As examples, it’s very difficult to know what the shipment status of your goods, […]

Blockchain – Current Technical Trends

Summary Blockchain is undoubtedly the hottest topic in IT now. There are hype all over the world on this new technology. Many people even think that it will be a game changer for different industries. But how to build a blockchain platform? What types of platforms are available in market? What are the popular freeware/paid-ware? What programming techniques […]